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2020. No. 12

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Image result for pdf logo Zh.N. Matviishyna (Кyiv, Ukraine), S.D. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), A.S. Kushnir (Кyiv, Ukraine). Paleopedological studies of the Voytsehovka cemetery barrows


Image result for pdf logo S.B. Valchak (Moscow, Russia), S.D. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), S.S. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), N.Yu. Gorbol (Moscow, Russia), S.N. Razumov (Тiraspol, Moldova), V.S. Sinika (Tiraspol, Moldova). Pre-Scythian time graves in the barrow of the “Plavni” (“Overflow”) group on the Lower Dniester region


Image result for pdf logo Yu.A. Prokopenko (Stavropol, Russia). Finds of pre-Scythian bimetallic daggers in the vicinity of Stavropol and in the adjacent areas


Image result for pdf logo P.I. Shulga (Novosibirsk, Russia), D.P. Shulga (Novosibirsk, Russia). The cultures of the Early Iron Age in China as a part of the Scythian World


Image result for pdf logo Mikhail Treister (Berlin, Germany). Beads and decoration elements made of amber in items of jewelry from the burials of the nomads of Asian Sarmatia in the context of trade in exotic materials in Eurasia


Image result for pdf logo M.N. Daragan (Kyiv, Ukraine). Casting marks on Scythian arrowheads as chronological indicators: the slant line mark


Image result for pdf logo V.S. Sinika  (Tiraspol, Moldova), S.D. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), S.N. Razumov (Tiraspol, Moldova), О.А. Закордонец (Tiraspol, Moldova). Scythian barrow 13 of the “Sluiceway” group in the Lower Dniester region


Image result for pdf logo S.A. Yatsenko (Moscow, Russia). Some compositions with Scythian personages on Greek-Scythian and Scythian toreutic wares of the 4th — early 3rd cc. BCE


Image result for pdf logo N.I. Suvorova (Azov, Russia), E.B. Shirochenko (Azov, Russia). Unique find from Paniardis necropolis


Image result for pdf logo S.S. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine). Phenomenon of bracelets-“not-bracelets”


Image result for pdf logo I.R. Gusach (Azov, Russia). Marble-like decorated glazed pottery from Ottoman fortresses of the North-Eastern Azov region


Military History and Archaeology

Image result for pdf logo A.E. Negin (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia), R. D'Amato (Ferrara, Italy). Spangenhelme type helmet from the Mardjani Foundation collection


Christian Archaeology and Church History

Image result for pdf logo Vakhtang Licheli (Tbilisi, Georgia), Roberto Dan (Rome, Italy), Priscilla Vitolo (Rome, Italy), Andrea Cesaretti (Rome, Italy), Tamar Chogovadze (Tbilisi, Georgia), Tornike Chilingarashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia). Continuity or change? An analysis of fortified church complexes in Southern Georgia



Image result for pdf logo E.A. Molev (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Slaves in the wars of Mithridates VI Eupator


Image result for pdf logo S.V. Yartsev (Tula, Russia), V.G. Zubarev (Tula, Russia). On the reasons of the attack of the Huns of the Northern Black Sea region on the Roman Empire in 395


Image result for pdf logo I.V. Denisova (Belgorod, Russia). Book culture and education in Early Byzantium (4th — 7th centuries CE): Asia Minor


Image result for pdf logo M.A. Rudneva (Belgorod, Russia). The evolution of historical topography of Egyptian Alexandria in early Byzantine time


Image result for pdf logo M.M. Sinitsa (Belgorod, Russia), Yu.V. Buzanakov (Belgorod, Russia). John Lydus and the libraries in Constantinople of 6th century CE


Image result for pdf logo V.I. Kolesov (Krasnodar, Russia), D.V. Sen’ (Rostov-on-Don, Russia). “Accompanying here the original paper came from the most venerated Mustafa Pasha of Anapa and a Translation from it…”: Russian-Ottoman communication’s practices at the Northern Black Sea coastshore (1792—1828)


Image result for pdf logo V.G. Ananiev (Saint Petersburg, Russia), M.D. Bukharin (Moscow, Russia). B.V. Farmakovski on colleagues (Towards 150th Anniversary of the Scholar)


Image result for pdf logo L.A. Sychenkova (Kazan, Russia). Forgotten discoveries of the Eski-Kermen expeditions of 1930—1933 with the participation of F.I. Schmit



Image result for pdf logo M. Slavova (Haskovo, Bulgaria), I. Prokopov (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria). Coin hoard with imitations of Philip II from Bulgaria


Image result for pdf logo M.M. Choref (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Coins of Panticapaeum and Phanagoria of the 3rd quarter of the 1st century BCE as a source of historical information


Image result for pdf logo K.N. Skvortsov (Moscow, Russia), M.M. Choref (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Treasure of roman coins Melnikovo-1


Image result for pdf logo D.P. Shulga (Novosibirsk, Russia). Coins of Eastern Roman empire in China as a reflection of the situation on the Silk Way


Image result for pdf logo M.A. Denisov (Reutov, Russia)Yu.V. Zayonchkovskiy (Kharkiv, Ukraine). Juchid Khan Beg Sufi and his coins


Image result for pdf logo Yu.V. Zayonchkovskiy (Kharkiv, Ukraine), V.E. Tishkin (Tula, Russia). Juchid silver coins with names of Mahmud b. Muhammad b. Timur Khan and Amir Tin-Sufi b. Mansur



Image result for pdf logo N.A. Pavlichenko (Saint Petersburg, Russia), D.E. Chistov (Saint Petersburg, Russia)Cups of Pythes and Deinon from Berezan island site and their archeological context


Image result for pdf logo Yu.Yu. Kargin (Balakovo, Russia). Ceramic stamps from the excavations of the settlement “Lenina” in the neighborhood of classical Gorgippia in 2018


Image result for pdf logo Alexandra Fishel (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Michael Nosonovsky (Milwaukee, USA). The structure of Karaite gravestone inscriptions from Çufut-Qal‘eh and methodology of Hebrew Epigraphy


Art history

Image result for pdf logo A.N. Balash (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Poetics of Myth in Contemporary Academic Fine Arts: graphic works by Khamid Savkuev for Vasily Livanov’s novel “Agnia, daughter of Agnia. The Legend of the Scythians”



Image result for pdf logo O.A. Tuminskaya (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Byzantine exhibitions in the Russian Museum: 1898—1928


Historical Philology 

Image result for pdf logo N.P. Pokhilko (Yasnaya Polyana, Russia). Antieretical Teachings of the Chronicle Story on the Baptism of Vladimir Svyatoslavovich




Image result for pdf logo Ketevan Tsimintia (Tbilisi, Georgia). Prohibitive and Inhibitive Factors of Marriage in Samegrelo (Western Georgia)



Image result for pdf logo M.V. Moiseev (Moscow, Russia). The people of the borderland Book review: Sen’, D.V. 2020. Russian-Crimean-Ottoman borderland: areas, phenomena, People (ending of the XVII—XVIII centuries). Rostov-on-Don: Al’tair



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