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2019. No. 11

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Image result for pdf logo J.N. Matviyishyna (Kyiv, Ukraine), S.D. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), A.G. Parhomenko (Chernihiv, Ukraine). Paleopedological Studies of Multilayered Settlement Koshcheevka-8 


Image result for pdf logo S.A. Yatsenko (Moscow, Russia). Pectorals of the Iranian-speaking and Iranized Peoples in Antiquity


Image result for pdf logo V.Yu. Zuev (Saint Petersburg, Russia). The Third Series of Borysthenes Type Mirrors (on the Classification of Mass Archaeological Material from the Archaic Era)


Image result for pdf logo M.N. Daragan (Kyiv, Ukraine). On the Formation of Scythian Quiver Sets in the first half — middle of the 5th century BCE (tower-form horizon)


Image result for pdf logo S.N. Razumov (Tiraspol, Moldova), S.A. Fidelsky (Tiraspol, Moldova), I.A. Chetverikov (Tiraspol, Moldova), S.O. Simonenko (Tiraspol, Moldova). Bendery fortress in the 16th century according to archaeological research 


Military History and Archaeology


Image result for pdf logo O.V. Vus (Lviv, Ukraine). Julian the Apostate. The Persian campaign and the riddle of battle at Tummar of June 26, 363


Christian Archaeology and Church History


Image result for pdf logo L.G. Khrushkova (Moscow, Russia). Early Byzantine capitals from Tauric Chersonesus




Image result for pdf logo E.A. Molev (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia). Mithridates and Rome: “Who” was “Who” on the eve of the First Mithridates War? 


Image result for pdf logo Natia Phiphia (Tbilisi, Georgia). King Pacorus/Bakur of Lazi 


Image result for pdf logo E.A. Mekhamadiev (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Ethnic movements in the western provinces of the late Roman Empire in the 4th century: on the history of certain military units


Image result for pdf logo H.Zh. Harutyunyan (Yerevan, Armenia). The Thirty-third Country of Universal Asia on an “Ancient Armenian Geography”: Aric (Ariana—Aria) or Parthia?


Image result for pdf logo N.N. Bolgov (Belgorod, Russia), I.V. Zaitseva (Belgorod, Russia). Tiberius Julius Duptun — The Last King of Bosporus and policy of the emperor Anastasius 


Image result for pdf logo A.G. Emanov (Tyumen, Russia). Identity’s Signs of Sailors: on the Materials of the Port Cites in the Genoese Gazaria in the 14th — 15th Centuries 


Image result for pdf logo A.V. Bogatyrev (Tolyatti, Russia). Trojan War and the Assyrian People: Rare Designation of Turkish-Tatar Troops in Praise of Jan III Sobieski


Image result for pdf logo D.A. Prokhorov (Simferopol, Crimea)Institutionalization of Legal Registration of the Independent Accessories of the Karaites to Merchants and wellbeing at the End of the 18th — at the First Half of the 19th Century 


Image result for pdf logo M.D. Bukharin (Moscow, Russia). Russian Academy of Sciences and the fate of cultural-historical heritage of Crimea in 1918—1919 (Collection of A.L. Berthier de la Garde) 




Image result for pdf logo M.M. Choref (Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia). Bronze coins of Sauromates I with the bust of the ruler turned to the left on the obverse as a source of historical information 


Image result for pdf logo B. Borislavov (Sofia, Bulgaria), E. Georgieva (Sofia, Bulgaria), I. Prokopov (Sofia, Bulgaria), M. Doychinova (Sofia, Bulgaria). Coin hoard from the rescue archaeological excavations at site 11Б — Chukovezer village Dragoman municipality. Comparative analysis with coin hoards from the region of the Southwestern Bulgaria


 Historical Philology


Image result for pdf logo Stefan Albrecht (Mainz, Germany). Καθρεπτης γυναικων of Constantine Dapontes — the trip to the Crimea in political verses (1746)




Image result for pdf logo D.V. Bondarenko (Parutino, Ukraine), M.V. Ivashchenko (Saratov, Russia). Amphora stamps from cinder heap No. 2 of the Sanctuary Viktorovka I in Lower Bug Region  




Image result for pdf logo N.N. Bolgov (Belgorod, Russia). Book Review: Harutyunyan A.Zh. 2019. The capital of Great Armeniais Tigranakert in the context of the Armenian-Roman-Middle Eastern interstate relations (296—301). Rostov-on-Don; Taganrog: “SFU”


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