MAIASK. 2016. No. 8

H. Zh. Arutyunyan (Yerevan, Republic of Armenia)


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Pages: 335-345

The Ancient Armenian Geography (or Ashkharatsuyts) mentioned Greece the last (12th) among all European countries. The authors of the source describe not only the borders of this country, but also its territory when moving from north to south. They pay great attention to the peculiarities of the administrative and territorial organization of its lands. The regions of Achaia and Attica are described in more detail. It is noteworthy that in Ancient Armenian Geography there is practically no mention of the toponym Sparta, which is replaced by synonyms Lakonika and Elijah. We find this circumstance very important. Our explanation of this fact is given and justified in this article.


Key words: Ashkharatsuyts, Ancient Armenian Geography, Movses of Khorene, Ananias of Shirak, ancient Greece, Hellas, Athens, Achaia, Peloponnesus.


Received October 12, 2016
Accepted for publication November 12, 2016


About the author:

Hakob Zhoraevich Arutyunyan (Yerevan, Republic of Armenia). Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of World History of Yerevan State University.