MAIASK. 2017. No. 9

H. Zh. Arutyunyan (Yerevan, Armenia).

Ancient China according to the data of the Ancient Armenian Geography

or Ashkharatsuyts

DOI: 10.24411/2219-8857-2017-00015

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Pages: 367-374

In The Ancient Armenian Geography (or Ashkharatsuyts, literally The Outline of the World), the last among all countries of Europe, Africa and Asia is China, which the authors of the source divide into two parts, mentioning it as the 37th and 38th country of world. The authors describe not only the territories of these countries, but also pay great attention to the orography, the nature, and traditions of the inhabitants of the country. Unfortunately, there is no information about its administrative-territorial division, which we find in Ashkharatsuyts under descriptions of almost all other countries of the world. This source elaborates on the natural resources and wealth of China, especially the 37th country. We tried to explain the reasons why China has been divided by the authors into two conditional states.

Key words: Ashkharatsuyts, Ancient Armenian Geography, Movses of Khorene, Ananias of Shirak, Sima Qian, ancient China, China (north, south).

Received October 28, 2017
Accepted for publication November 21, 2017

About the author:

Arutyunyan Hakob Zhoraevich (Yerevan, Armenia). Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Yerevan State University.