MAIASP. 2019. No. 11

D.V. Bondarenko (Parutino Village, Ukraine), M.V. Ivashchenko (Saratov, Russia)

Amphora stamps from cinder heap No. 2 of the Sanctuary Viktorovka I in Lower Bug Region

DOI: 10.24411/2713-2021-2019-00020 

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The paper deals with publishing and analyzing amphora stamps from the early Hellenistic cinder heap No. 2 of the ancient sanctuary Viktorovka I based on excavation materials from 2017 and 2019. In total, nine stamps were found, which allow us to ascertain the entry of stamped amphora containers into the filling of the cinder heap for about sixty years since the 20s. of the 4th century to the beginning of the 60s. of the 3rd century BCE. The earliest stamps in the complex are Sinope, and the latest are Rhodes. The presence of the wheel-shaped Akanf stamp in the cinder heap, as well as the stamp of an unidentified center ρμι(-), makes it possible to correct their chronology and date them no earlier than the last third of the 4th century BCE.

Key words: Lower Bug Region, Viktorovka I, archeological excavation, cinder heap, amphora stamps, chronology, 4th 3rd centuries BCE.

Received October 14, 2019

Accepted for publication December 29, 2019

About the authors:

Bondarenko Denis Vladimirovich (Parutino Village, Ukraine). Junior Researcher of the National Historical and Archaeological Reserve Olbia of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine


Ivashchenko Mikhail Veniaminovich (Saratov, Russia). Postgraduate Student of the History of the Ancient World of the N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov National Research State University