MAIASP. 2019. No. 11

M.D. Bukharin (Moscow, Russia)


(Collection of A.L. Berthier de la Garde)

DOI: 10.24411/2713-2021-2019-00017 

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Pages: 572579

Immediately after the October coup dêtat of 1917 a question of preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Russia was sharply raised. Many private and state collections were under direct threat of destruction due to sales or melting. Robberies, mass vandalism led to numerous irretrievable losses. Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences realized the course of events and some of them set a question of need to take urgent measures for preservation of the Russian material culture. Academicians S.F. Oldenburg, N.Ya. Marr, V.V. Barthold, a number of other outstanding scientists (P.K. Kozlov), the staff of different museums actively participated in such activity. A.L. Berthier de la Garde (18421920), who lived and worked in the Crimea was one of outstanding researchers and collectors of Classical and Barbarian antiquities. He appeared in extremely difficult situation because of old age, the state of health and lack of income. At the beginning of 1918 the Taurian Scientific Archival Commission has appealed to the Russian Academy of Sciences to save a unique historical collection of A.L. Berthier de la Garde (18421920) and to support the scientist. The Permanent secretary of RAS S.F. Oldenburg has addressed the peoples commissar of education A.V. Lunacharsky with a request to help to resolve this problem, however changes of political powers in Crimea in 19181919 have prevented its solution and the most valuable collection has been sold in parts. At the moment a part of collection of Berthier de la Garde is stored in the British museum.

Key words: historical and cultural collections, Crimea, museums, archives, Russian Academy of Sciences, A.L. Berthier de la Garde, S.F. Oldenburg.

Received November 9, 2019

Accepted for publication December 2, 2019

About the author:

Bukharin Michael Dmitrievich (Moscow, Russia). D.Litt, Chief Researcher of the Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences