MAIASK. 2016. No. 8

M. V. Fomin (Kharkov, Ukraine)

The cult complex at the eastern square in ChersoneseCherson

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Pages: 263-285

The antique Chersonese Byzantine Cherson is unique archeological monument. The study of this city allows tracking the process of transformation the antique polis to medieval city. The eastern square of ChersoneseCherson on during the entire its history had a cult significance. At the end of IVIII centuries BCE here was formed a complex associated with the veneration of the Deva Parthenos. After the victory of Christianity, at the end of the IV century CE here was formed a Christian complex. Its center was the church the basilica of St. Peter. To it they were added to the chapel and baptistery. Later, several small churches were built on the square. Cult complex lasted until the death of the city.


Key words: ChersoneseCherson, Christianity, basilica, baptistery, martyros, chapel.


Received December 28, 2016
Accepted for publication December 29, 2016


About the author:

Fomin Mikhail Vladimirovich (Kharkov, Ukraine). andidate of Historical Sciences, Senior teacher of the department of tourist business of the Kharkov State Academy of Culture.