MAIASK. 2015. No. 7

V.V. Khapaev (Sevastopol, Russia)

To a question of time of the termination of issue of the Cherson-Byzantine coins

with monograms of Basil name and despot title in Cherson

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Pages: 312-323

The article deals with the question of the duration of emission in Cherson bronze Byzantine coins with monograms words Basil and despot traditionally attributed to the initial period of the reign of Emperor Basil II. Based on the statistical analysis of closed coin complexes abroad XXI centuries of excavation of Cherson, in which the above-mentioned coin-type account for 25% of the number of members, it was concluded that the coin type issued until the first decade of the XI c., but not before 988 or 989 year, as previously thought.


Key words: Byzantine Cherson, numismatics, monetary emission, indoor coin complex.


Received December 27, 2015
Accepted for publication December 31, 2015


About the author:

Khapaev Vadim Vadimovich (Sevastopol, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor, Branch Lomonosov Moscow State University

in Sevastopol.