MAIASK. 2016. No. 8

V. V. Khapaev (Sebastopol, Russia).

Byzantine Cherson history and archeology controversial questions:

Second half first half I centuries

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Pages: 699-715

Debatable questions of the Byzantine Cherson city history and archaeology in the second half of first half of I century studied in the article. The author argues with the A. A. Romensky review on the study Byzantine Cherson at the turn of the Millennium. The author comes to conclusion about the need to continue discussions on the following issues. 1) Interpretation of the Ancient Russian written sources data of about the history of Cherson. 2) The time and circumstances of giving to the Emperor Constantine VII Cherson dossier documents. 3) Precise Dating of Cherson destruction at the beginning of the XI century. 4) Contacts between Prince Vladimir and the rebellious Byzantine General Bardas Skleros. 5) Number Vladimir troops of during the Russo-Byzantine war 987988. 6) Historical interpretation of the so-called Georgios Tzula rebel events in 1016.


Key words: Cherson, Byzantium, Rus, Prince Vladimir, destruction, Russo-Byzantine war, Georgios Tzula.


Received December 27, 2016
Accepted for publication December 30, 2016


About the author:

Khapaev Vadim Vadimovich (Sebastopol, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor,

Branch Lomonosov Moscow State University in Sebastopol.