MAIASK. 2015. No. 7

Brendan Mac Gonagle (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

Celto-Scythians and Celticization in Ukraine and the North Pontic Region

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Pages: 50-58

The article provides an overview of the available linguistic, numismatic and archaeological evidence pertaining to the expansion of the La Tene culture into the area of modern Ukraine and the North Pontic region from the 3rd century BC onwards. A distinction is observed between the situation in western Ukraine where the process of Celtic migration colonization is reflected in the archaeological evidence, and further east where the presence of Celtic warrior bands mercenary groups have been identified. The testimony in ancient sources to the emergence of mixed Celto-Scythian populations in this area is also considered.


Key words: Celtic expansion, Celtic weaponry, La Tene Culture, Celtic eastwards expansion, Celto-Scythians, Bastarnae.


Received December 25, 2015
Accepted for publication December 30, 2015


About the author:

Brendan Mac Gonagle (Plovdiv, Bulgaria). Independent researcher