MAIASK. 2016. No. 8

E. A. Mekhamadiev (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

The Late Roman troops of limitanei and military organization of province

of Minor Armenia at the beginning of the IV c.

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Pages: 393-407

The present paper deals with the deployment of frontier troops in Late Roman province of Minor Armenia different sources style these troops as limitanei/λιμιτανέοι, but there is a question, whether these detachments really garrisoned in Late Roman Minor Armenia? The problem is that Notitia Dignitatum, our main source on military organization of Minor Armenia, with respect to this point goes back to the second half of the III c. (especially as applied to the province of Pontus, which immediately bordered on Minor Armenia) or simply doesnt permit to clarify, to which time its evidence are related. Nevertheless, a considerable amount of hagiographic texts, narrating about the events in Minor Armenia and Cappadocia, which occurred on the eve of the III and IV centuries, not only confirms the presence of detachments of limitanei/ λιμιτανέοι in Minor Armenia, but also proves that these units were the old legions of Principate times (that are legio XV Apollinaris, legio XII Fulminatae in Minor Armenia and legio I Pontica in the province of Pontus), which continued to be placed in these regions also during the Late Antiquity. Its strange but the scholars who studied the military organization of Minor Armenia (that are P. Brennan and E. Wheeler), didnt turn to these hagiographic texts, to their whole amount, but the author of the present paper considers and applies to hagiographic texts, mainly to the Martyrdom of St. Eustratius and his companions, that permitted him to make new conclusions on military-administrative history of province of Minor Armenia in Late Roman period.


Key words: Minor Armenia, frontier army, legion, hagiography, inscriptions, duke.


Received November 1, 2016
Accepted for publication November 11, 2016



About the author:

Mekhamadiev Evgeniy Aleksandrovich (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior lecturer of Medieval History Department at Institute of history of Saint-Petersburg State University.