MAIASK. 2015. No. 7

E.V. Nedelkin (Simferopol, Russia)

The cave monastery Shuldan at the beginning of XXI c.

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Pages: 184-190

One of the current tasks facing contemporary Crimean scientific society, is the preservation of historical monuments, including — the so-called «cave» monasteries. One of these historical and architectural monuments is Shuldan. The monastery complex consists of two cave temples and accompanying 20 rooms, which are located in two tiers. Today optimal variant of joint use and protection these objects by state and church is to create a specially prepared areas close to the monuments of monastery metochion. It is also necessary to develop, together with the Church science-based improvement projects within these monasteries. At the same time during the Christian holidays on their territory will be conducted divine services.


Key words: cultural heritage, monastery, cave towns, Theodoro, temple, Shuldan.


Received December 1, 2015
Accepted for publication December 30, 2015


About the author:

Nedelkin Evgeniy Vladimirovich (Simferopol, Russia). Master Student, Faculty of History, V. I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University.