MAIASK. 2015. No. 7

N.P. Pokhilko (Yasnaya Polyana, Russia)

Annalistic article of 1044 year and the miracle of resurrection through baptism

in the Lives of Holy bishops of herson


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Pages: 204-213

In the article an episode of the Lives of Holy Bishops of Cherson describing a miracle of resurrection through the baptism of the dead boy is defined as an editorial insertion. The author believes that the emphasis on the libation with holy water, the omission of some important parts of the rite of catechesis and baptism, general catechetical orientation of the Lives have the same origins as the special actualization of the theme of baptism with "water" in the Speech of the philosopher of the chronicle text of catechetical content with some allusions to Bogomilism. The baptism of the bones of Oleg and Yaropolk and other themes and motifs, common to the Lives and chronicle, are hypothetically associated with the church-religious controversy with the Bogomilismic heresy, actual in Russia in XXII centuries.


Key words: Ancient Russia, Cherson, bogomilism, baptism of the dead, Lives of Holy Bishops of Cherson, Speech of the Philosopher, chronicle.


Received May 30, 2015
Accepted for publication June 30, 2015


About the author:

Pokhilko Natal'ja Pavlovna (Yasnaya Polyana, Russia). Independent researcher.