MAIASK. 2015. No. 7

A.A. Romensky (Kharkov, Ukraine)

The Last Feast of Prince Rostislav:

the Political Context of the Relations of Rus and Byzantium in Taman and Taurica in the 60s70s of XI century

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Pages: 214-229

The article is devoted to the peculiarities of Rus Byzantine relations in Taman, and specific role of Tmutorokan as condominate possession of Byzantium and Rus. The discussed details of the biography of Prince Rostislav Vladimirovich are revealed, as well as the question of the reasons for his poisoning by the katepano of Cherson and perception of this murder. The evidence about the hypothetical uprising of the Cherson residents in the 60s 70s of XI c. and the campaign against Cherson of Princes Vladimir Monomakh and Gleb Svyatoslavich is analyzed. The data on the campaign against Korsun in 1077 seems unlikely.


Key words: Byzantium, Rus Tmutorokan, Cherson, prince Rostislav Vladimirovich, catepanate, feast.


Received December 24, 2015
Accepted for publication December 30, 2015


About the author:

Romensky Alexandr Alexandrovich (Kharkov, Ukraine). Candidate of Historical Sciences, methodologist of the municipal institution

School of Arts of Kharkiv City Council.