MAIASK. 2016. No. 8

S. B. Sorochan (Kharkov, Ukraine), A. A. Romensky (Kharkov, Ukraine)


review: Ivakin H., Khrapunov N., Seibt W. (eds). 2015.

Byzantine and Rus Seals. Proceedings of the International Colloquium

on RusByzantine Sigillography. Kyiv, Ukraine, 13-16 September 2013.

Kyiv: Sheremetievs Museum

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Pages: 666-686

The materials of International Colloquium on Byzantine and Old Rus sphragistics are considered. Data of the new sources introduced in a scientific circulation. The volume consists of four parts: Byzantine Seals: Publication, Byzantine Seals and the World Around, Seals of Rus, Post-Byzantine Seals. The researchers have been analyzed new sphragistic findings of Crimea, Taman, byzantine imperial seals of Southern Rus, seals of Bulgaria and Sicily. The monuments of Old Rus sphragistics are also attracted. The source material allows us to refine the reconstruction of the past of some regions of the Byzantine commonwealth, to trace their connections, add new touches to prosopography and onomastics, language history and history of the Church of the Byzantine world. The symbolic context and importance of images on the seals, the impact and reception of Byzantine models in Eastern Europe, the Greek seals of the Early Modern Period are also analyzed.


Key words: Byzantium, Rus, seals, sphragistics.


Received September 22, 2016
Accepted for publication October 11, 2016


About the authors:

Sorochan Sergey Borisovich (Kharkov, Ukraine). Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of the History of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages of Karazin Kharkov National University


Romensky Alexandr Alexandrovich (Kharkov, Ukraine), Candidate of Historical Sciences, methodologist of the municipal institution School of Arts of Kharkov City Council.