MAIASK. 2015. No. 7

N.P. Turova (Yalta, Russia)

History of the study of medieval Christian antiquities of Southern coast of Crimea

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Pages: 154-183

History of the study of the southern coast of Crimea Christian antiquities began after joining the peninsula to Russia. Currently, the area from Alushta to Balaclava recorded more than 100 medieval Christian churches. The remains of religious buildings with the surrounding cemeteries are an important source for the study, the emergence and spread of Christianity. It is noteworthy that in generalizing works, publications, articles, and monographs on the history of medieval Taurica Christian antiquity are mentioned in the context of socio-economic and cultural ties, as well as the historical periods. However, to date we do not have any archaeological map of Christian antiquities Southshore or clear periodization of all objects associated with the emergence and spread of Christianity in the region. Relevant questions remain and terminology sites, and their protection as a cultural heritage. Having set himself the task to systematize our understanding of the archaeological sites of the southern coast of Crimea, beginning with a presentation of the necessary materials on the history of their study.


Key words: Middle Ages Christian antiquity Tavrika, southern coast of Crimea, temples, graves of plate.


Received October 10, 2015
Accepted for publication November 7, 2015


About the author:

Turova Natalia Petrovna (Yalta, Russia). Senior researcher at the Yalta Historical-Literary Museum.