MAIASK. 2016. No. 8

N. P. Turova (Simferopol, Russia)

The cult complex on the top of Ai-Petri

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Pages: 286-332

In 2011, the Yalta Historical and Literary Museum conducted excavations at the top of Ai-Petri. They were prepared by a long-term survey of the antiquities of this region, including the collection and study of the lifting material.

Having studied the found artifacts, I come to the conclusion that there was a cult complex at the top of Ay-Petri. In its history, two main stages of its existence can be distinguished. The first stage is connected with the functioning at the top of the mountain of the sanctuary of the boundary of the eras the first centuries CE. Similar in ritual to the two sanctuaries of the southern part of the Mountainous Crimea early Roman period (Gurzufskoe Sedlo and Eklizi-Burun). The second stage is connected with a Christian temple built around the IXX centuries and existed until the XIII century.


Key words: Ai-Petri, sanctuary, temple, cult complex, the South Coast of Crimea, Mountain Crimea.


Received October 12, 2016
Accepted for publication November 12, 2016


About the author:

Turova Natalia Petrovna (Simferopol, Russia). Junior Researcher of Institute of Archeology of the Crimea of the Russian Academy of Sciences.