MAIASK. 2015. No. 7

S.V. Ushakov (Sevastopol, Russia)

Early Byzantine Chersoneses, Pontus and Eastern Mediterranean

(ON THE MATERIALS Red lacquer ceramics)

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Pages: 59-70

The article discusses the history and current state of the research study of the major groups of the early Byzantine red slip ceramics in Chersoneses. It is concluded that the market Chersonese and in everyday life dominated by dishes from the region of Pontus (Chersonese sigillata, then the Pontic late Roman group), and later became more and more dishes from Asia Minor (Phocaean sigillata). Import red slip dishes from North Africa (Carthage) in the early Byzantine period was small. Archaeological materials (amphorae and including) suggest that the Chersonese (Byzantine Cherson) in IV the middle of VII century. economic and cultural plan was an important part of the Pontic-Eastern Mediterranean region.


Key words: Chersoneses, red lacquer ceramics, Chersonese sigillata, Pontic late Roman group, Phocaean sigillata, African sigillata, amphorae, Pontus, Eastern Mediterranean.


Received Nove 24, 2015
Accepted for publication December 30, 2015


About the author:

Ushakov Sergey Vladimirovich (Sevastopol, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor,

Branch Lomonosov Moscow State University in Sevastopol.