MAIASK. 2017. No. 9

S. V. Ushakov (Simferopol, Russia).

Barracks in the Port area of the city: the main results of the study (a view from Chersoneses)

DOI: 10.24411/2219-8857-2017-00025

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Pages: 97-126

The article presents the results of an archaeological research of the complex of buildings known in historiography as the Barracks in the Port area of the Tauric Chersonesos by a joint expedition of the Kharkov State University and the National reserve Tauric Chersonese in 19931998. During this time, the study of all the main components of this architectural and archaeological complex was performed, namely, the Barracks, the Gallery, the rooms 35, 36 (, , , ), 38, 61, 63, and others. Its graphical fixation has been carried out. The stratigraphy of the strata of the cultural layer has been traced. An important amount of the so-called mass archaeological material has been obtained. These data allow us to trace the main stages of the construction history and reconstruct the appearance of the Barracks.


Key words: Tauric Chersonesos, Barracks, historiography, finds, amphorae, terra sigillata, stratigraphy, chronology.


Received December 15, 2017
Accepted for publication December 28, 2017


About the author:

Ushakov Sergey Vladimirovich (Simferopol, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences, Senior Research scientist at the Department of Ancient Archeology, Institute of Archeology of the Crimea of the Russian Academy of Sciences.