MAIASK. 2017. No. 9

V. P. Yailenko (Moscow, Russia).

On the Publication of Inscriptions from Fortress Artezian in East Crimea

DOI: 10.24411/2219-8857-2017-00021

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Pages: 471-484

The author has critically revised the published by A. V. Belousov inscriptions from Fortress Artezian in East Crimea graffito on ceramic fragment and epitaph. He reveals the editors mistakes and gives an adequate text and commentary. Recto, ll. 1-2: scribes name Salas and full alphabet. Ll. 3-6: [? Δολ]ηι χαίριν, | χαίριν | [ Ἀπ]άτουρος, | [κα]λὸς Δολης, δ[οι]οι (? sc. καλοί) regards to Doles, heil Apaturos, Doles is beautiful; (?) both are beautiful. Tergo, ll. 1-2: ἐλήκασα, {μη} οὐδ | Δολης It is me, who defloravit, but not this Doles. Epitaph: Σωστιβι Διωνυσίου καὶ ὑοὶ Δισακὸς καὶ Παδαφου, χαιρετε Sostibios, Dionysios son, and the sons Disakos and Padaphous, farewell. The names Σωστιβιος and Παδαφους are Anatolian, Δισακός = Greek Διψακός. A date of both inscriptions is I or II Century AD.


Key words: Artezian, inscriptions, textual criticism, commentary.


Received November 18, 2017
Accepted for publication December 29, 2017


About the author:

Yailenko Valerij Petrovich (Moscow, Russia). Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Independent researcher.