MAIASP. 2019. No. 11

V.Yu. Zuev (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

The third series of BORYSTHENES type mirrors

(on the classification of mass archaeological material from the archaic era)

DOI: 10.24411/2713-2021-2019-00003 

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We introduce Sixty-Six Specimens of Mirrors and Their Fragments from the Mass the Third Series of Borysthenes Type Mirrors into Scientific Circulation. They were made in one Production Center in the Metallurgical Workshop of Borysthen on the Island of Berezan, which worked from the Middle to the End of the 6th Century BCE. Mirrors are divided according to Morphological Characteristics into Four Options. They differ in Design Details. All of them were made by casting on a Lost Wax Model with the Subsequent Assembly of Fragments (Disc, Hilt, Panther Figures on Trunnions for Attachment) into a Single Piece. A Catalogue of these Artifacts is provided. It Contains Comprehensive Information about all the Artifacts of this Series, including Information on the Geographical Localization of their findings from the South Urals and the North Caucasus in the East to Transylvania in the West, including the Entire Northern Black Sea Coast.

Key words: Archaeology, History, Scythia, Archaic, Bronze Mirrors of the Borysthenes Type, Ionian Art Casting, Classification of Mass Archaeological Material.

Received November 1, 2019

Accepted for publication December 1, 2019

About the author:

Zuev Vadim Yuryevich (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences, Research Museum at the Russian Academy of Arts