MAIASP. 2021. No. 13

V.B. Pankowski (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The Archaeosphere of Earth (An Archaeological Conception of Archaeosphere)

DOI: 10.53737/2713-2021.2021.71.26.019

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Pages: 666685

A specialized vision of a sphere of the archaic is proposed. Extraterrestrial archaeosphere, humanly modified ground, fossil reality, archaeological record, and totality of archaeological objects are among the concepts that have contributed to the newer construct. The archaeospheres form, nature, essence, and function are revealed by analyzing its components in terms of formation processes as well as in view of the mutuality continuum amongst archaeological universals. The model treats this global system as a coherent universalized hierarchy of double-natured entities which are subject to deposition and recovery, an extensive systemic imprint of behavioral and non-behavioral conversion of the variety of phenomena of culture-to-nature synergy. Further discussion is expected, with the archaeosphere amidst Earth systems, its structure and periodization under special vigilance. What the archaeological megadiscipline regularly does is creating an archaeospheric conception of reality.

Key words: Earth, archaeosphere, cultural genesis, archaeogenesis, universals, archaeology, archaeohistory.

Received December 11, 2021

Accepted for publication December 28, 2021

About the author:

Pankowski Valentin Borisovich (Kyiv, Ukraine). PhD (History), Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine