MAIASP. 2022. No. 14

P.N. Petrov (Almaty, Kazakhstan), N.A. Atygayev (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Zh.M. Beltenov (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Qayaligh in the monuments of numismatics of the Chingizids

DOI: 10.53737/2713-2021.2022.35.46.019

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Pages: 369381

The research was aimed to reveal some evidence of coinage and to establish the nature of monetary circulation in Qayaligh during the 13th  and the 14th centuries, under the Genghisids. For the first time, small silver akçe coins were identified, which are anonymous, since they lack both the year and the name of the mint, yet only bear a tamgha of Ögedei. Qayaligh became the possession of Qaidu by order of Möngke  Kagan since 1252. It is this very year that Qaidu could have started issuing coins with such tamgha signs in Qayaligh. Two more coin types, lacking both data of issue and names of issuers, are confirmed to belong to the coinage of Qayaligh; these are copper pūls and silver full-weight dirhams. These coin releases are attributed to Algu of the Chaghatayids. For the first time, an attribution for a nominal coin of Mubarak Shah is proposed; this is a silver dirham, and it was minted in medieval Qayaligh as well. The ways of distribution of some coins were traced on the territory of Kazakhstan. Specific routes of the Silk Road were revealed to lead from Qayaligh to Otrar and to Yangi Taraz. This caravan routes was operated until the last third of the 13th century. Commodity-money relations have not been observed in Qayaligh since 1270.

Key words: Chingizid State, Silk Road, Kayaliq, Kazakhstan, 13th century, Kaidu, Mubarak, numismatics, coin, dirham, pool, coin circulation.

Received June 21, 2022

Accepted for publication July 11, 2022

About the authors:

Petrov Pavel Nikolaevich (Almaty, Kazakhstan). PhD (History), Professor of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Atygayev Nurlan Adilbekovich (Almaty, Kazakhstan). PhD (History), Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Beltenov Zhassulan Mazulaevich (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan