MAIASP. 2022. No. 14

S.V. Yartsev (Tula, Russia), V.G. Zubarev (Tula, Russia), R.M. Bobin (Tula, Russia)

Nero’s eastern campaign: new solution to the old problem

DOI: 10.53737/2713-2021.2022.72.96.012

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Pages: 273285

The article is focused on assessing the foreign policy of the Roman Empire on its eastern borders during the reign of Nero. The research was aimed to reveal a wide range of circumstances  associated with his eastern military campaign. The Emperor was known to actively prepare for the action. The campaign, however, is believed to have been cancelled shortly after. Based on both written accounts and archaeological record, the authors conclude that the eastern campaign eventually became a reality. The allied Alans’ army, together with not so numerous Roman troops, has managed to conquer the population of the northeast Black Sea coast and then even reached the North Caucasus. While being there, and according to the initial plan, the army was supposed to protect northern territories of the newly established Province of Pontus, with the Bosporan Kingdom as a part of it.

Key words: Roman Empire, Bosporan Kingdom, Emperor Nero, eastern campaign, Alans.

Received August 12, 2022

Accepted for publication August 29, 2022

About the authors:

Yartsev Sergey Vladimirovich (Tula, Russia). Dr. habil. (History), Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University


Zubarev Victor Gennadievich (Tula, Russia). Dr. habil. (History), Professor, Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University


Bobin Roman Mikhailovich (Tula, Russia). Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University