MAIASP. 2023. No. 15

D.V. Andriyevskiy (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

A Bronze drachma of Ptolemy IV Philopator discovered on Tavel Hill

DOI: 10.53737/1403.2023.19.12.029

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The paper seeks again to update the numismatic record of classical antiquity times by publishing new coin finds obtained from surface surveys in the Alma River valley, the southwest of Taurica, where a number of Scythian settlements are situated. A relatively recent discovery which is the bronze drachma of Ptolemy IV Philopator, a rare specimen in the region, is the focus of the study. Tavel Hill has been already mentioned as the site providing a good sample of Ptolemaic coins associated with the local Scythian sanctuary. Most likely, it was ancient inhabitants of the area who valued the coins as amulets and brought them to this place. The very fact of the latest discoveries testifies in favour of the assumptions that have been put forward elsewhere.

Key words: archaeology, history, numismatics, Scythians, imported coin.

Received April 12, 2023.

Accepted for publication April 25, 2023.

About the author:

Andriyevskiy Denis Vadimovich (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Russian Geographical Society