MAIASP. 2023. No. 15

P.N. Petrov (Almaty, Kazakhstan), U.T. Akhmetova (Atyrau, Kazakhstan), A.Zh. Zhumabayev (Saraishyk, Kazakhstan)

Numismatic finds in the Medieval town of Saraychuq according to the results of archaeological research. Hoards. Pt. II

DOI: 10.53737/1968.2023.68.57.035

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Pages: 857872

During the scholarly excavations at the Sarayshyq city site, a total of eight hoards of silver Jochid coins were discovered and recorded with varying degrees of detail. The accumulated number of hidden treasures requires and allows for their analysis. The aim of thе study was to identify peculiarities of silver coin compositions in Sarayshyq hoards discovered during archaeological excavations, as well as to establish the sources of receipt of silver minted products to meet the needs of local coin circulation in dynamics. Eight hoards of dirhams were examined. The numismatic record under study was criticized, and as a result of this 4 hoards were only selected for analysis, the date of deposition for which can be established with a terminus post quem restriction. The concealment of the hoards fits into the period from 753 АH / 1353 CE until the beginning of the 770 АH / ~13681373 CE. The composition of the hoards is dominated by the minted products of coin manufacture of the Saray and Gulistan regions. Rare coins of Sighnaq, Crimea and Azak do not play any significant role in ensuring coin circulation in medieval Saraychuq. The percentage of the Khorezm silver coin in the money supply is also low (less than 5%). Commodity-money relations only began to develop in the studied territory since the 14th century and, most likely, during the reign of Uzbek Khan, the fact which is now confirmed by hoard studies. In the 14th century (until the second half of the 770 AH / 13681373 CE), silver coins came to Saraychuq from the Saray region, and then from Gulistan. It can be assumed that the medieval Saraychuq was part of the Saray region during this period.

Key words: Golden Horde, Jochids, 14th century, Sarayshyq, excavations, numismatics, hoards, coins, dirhams.

Received July 16, 2023.

Accepted for publication July 30, 2023.

About the authors:

Petrov Pavel Nikolaevich (Almaty, Kazakhstan). PhD (History), Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Ahmetova Uljan Tolegenkızı (Atyrau, Kazakhstan). Dr. habil. (History), Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University


Zhumabayev Amangeldy Zhenisuly (Saraishyk, Kazakhstan). The State Historical and Cultural Museum-reserve Saraishyq