MAIASP. 2023. No. 15

L.F. Abzalov (Kazan, Russia), M.S. Gatin (Kazan, Russia), I.A. Mustakimov (Astana, Kazakhstan), R.Yu. Pochekaev (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

On the history of organization of the law enforcement activity in the Genghisids states, the 13th — 14th cc.

DOI: 10.53737/7473.2023.69.65.022

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The paper analyses activity of the Genghisid rulers of the 13th—14th century related to protection of law and order in cities and rural settlements. The evolution of law enforcement institutions in the Mongol Empire and its uluses is observed. The special attention is paid to the combination of imperial and regional principles and institutions in the organization of law enforcement structures. The article provides the first Russian translation of a jarlig on the appointment of ispahsalar, the high official who was in charge of law and order protection in Mongol Iran; the account was extracted from ‘Dastur al-katib’, the treatise written in the 1360s by Muhammad b. Hindushah Nakhchivani, an official of the Hulaguids and the Jalayirids. There have been similar trends in the Genghisid states of the 13th—14th century in the area of law enforcement such as sophistication of institutions, involving of local peoples in law enforcement activity, as well as substantial influence of earlier traditions of countries and regions which were under power of the Genghisids.

Key words: Mongol Empire, Golden Horde, Hulaguid state, Yuan Empire, law enforcement institutions, jarlig, traditional states, power, administration.

Received July 24, 2023.

Accepted for publication August 5, 2023.

About the authors:

Abzalov Lenar Firgatovich (Kazan, Russia). PhD (History), Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University


Gatin Marat Salavatovich (Kazan, Russia). PhD (History), Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University


Mustakimov Ilias Al’fredovich (Astana, Kazakhstan). PhD (History), L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University


Pochekaev Roman Yulianovich (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Dr. habil. (History), PhD (Law), Professor, HSE University in St. Petersburg