MAIASP. 2019. No. 11

M.M. Choref (Nizhni Novgorod, Russia)

Bronze coins of Sauromates I with the bust of the ruler turned to the left on the obverse

as a source of historical information

DOI: 10.24411/2713-2021-2019-00018 

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The objects of research were bronze coins of Sauromates I (93123/124) with a bust of the sovereign turned to the left on the obverse and with images of Aphrodite Apatura, Nika, as well as a burning fortress and allegory of the defeated country the figure of a bound woman kneeling on the reverse. They were minted not only for financial, but also for propaganda purposes. It is no accident that the images of Aphrodite Apatura and Nika are framed by a laurel wreath on them. For the same purpose, an image of a burning fortress and an allegory of a defeated country were placed on coins. The inhabitants of Bosporus were informed about the piety of the sovereign, and also praised his victories won in the war with the Scythians. Sauromates I managed to capture an important barbarian fortress, located on the periphery of the Bosporus kingdom. The bust of the ruler was deployed on the studied coins to the left to attract the attention of the population to these means of payment.

Key words: archaeology, history, numismatics, Kingdom of the Bosporus, Sauromates I.

Received November 9, 2019

Accepted for publication December 2, 2019

About the author:

Choref Mikhail Mikhailovich (Nizhni Novgorod, Russia). Candidate of Historical Sciences, Researcher at the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod