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2022. No. 14

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Image result for pdf logo A.M. Mammadov (Almaty, Kazakhstan), P.I. Shulga (Novosibirsk, Russia). A “Sauromatian” burial with У-shaped cheek-pieces discovered on the upper Emba river


Image result for pdf logo Mikhail Treister (Bonn, Germany). Semikolennyy kurgan near the Cossack village Tul’skaya with the finds of Greek bronze vessels of the 6th — 5th centuries BCE. To the question of the origin of the “Maikop Treasure”


Image result for pdf logo O.A. Zakordonets (Tiraspol, Moldova). Torques from the 3rd century BCE Scythian graves in the North-West Black Sea region


Image result for pdf logo Mikhail Treister (Bonn, Germany), Andrey Chugaev (Moscow, Russia). Sources of metal of silver objects from burials of nomads of Asian Sarmatia of the 2nd century BCE — 3rd century CE after the results of archaeological and Pb-Pb isotopic studies


Image result for pdf logo Yu.A. Prokopenko (Stavropol, Russia). Enamel fibulae in Kabarda-Beshtau, 1st to 3rd century 


Image result for pdf logo A.A. Kazarnitsky (Saint Petersburg, Russia), A.A. Strokov (Moscow, Russia). Revisiting the Alans in Crimea during the Migration Period


Image result for pdf logo A.A. Krasnoperov (Izhevsk, Russia), N.P. Telnov (Tiraspol, Moldova), S.D. Lysenko (Kiev, Ukraine), S.N. Razumov (Tiraspol, Moldova), V.S. Sinika (Tiraspol, Moldova). Post-Hunnic burial on the left bank of the Lower Dniester


Image result for pdf logo A.A. Strokov (Moscow, Russia), D.A. Kupriyanov (Moscow, Russia), G.A. Kamelina (Moscow, Russia). Хylotomical study of Early Mediaeval wooden artifacts from Crimea (based on materials from the necropolis of Chufut-Kale)


Image result for pdf logo Pasha Pashazadeh (Miyaneh, Iran), Reza Rezalou (Ardabil, Iran), Hossein Alizadeh (Miyaneh, Iran). The Iron Age sites in the northern Area of Sabalan Mountain and current migration routes of the Shahseven tribes: a comparative study


Image result for pdf logo Yu.A. Vinogradov (Saint Petersburg, Russia), O.V. Grigorieva (Saint Petersburg, Russia), M.V. Medvedeva (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Archaeological works by the Taman Expedition of the State Academy for the History of Material Culture 


Religious studies


Image result for pdf logo V.V. Stepkin (Pavlovsk, Russia), I.A. Smirnov (Voronezh, Russia). Letters from D.M. Strukov’s fund in the Russian State Historical Archive and the dating of Via Dolorosa in Kalach caves, Voronezh Region




Image result for pdf logo S.V. Yartsev (Tula, Russia), V.G. Zubarev (Tula, Russia), R.M. Bobin (Tula, Russia). Nero’s eastern campaign: new solution to the old problem


Image result for pdf logo M.A. Vedeshkin (Moscow, Russia). Family and Authority: Reflections on the dynastic policy of Constantine I


Image result for pdf logo L.F. Abzalov (Kazan, Russia), M.S. Gatin (Kazan, Russia), I.A. Mustakimov (Kazan, Russia), R.Yu. Pochekaev (Saint Petersburg, Russia). New historical insights on protection of the trade routes in Genghisids states, 13th to 14th century


Image result for pdf logo V.A. Evstiunin (Tyumen, Russia). Tuscan merchants in Caffa at the end of the 14th century (based on the materials from Datini’s archive) Retracted


Image result for pdf logo D.P. Shulga (Novosibirsk, Russia), D.A. Iushchenko (Novosibirsk, Russia), N.M. Ternov (Astana, Kazakhstan). The Comparison of Chinese and Mongolian experience in relations with the Eastern Roman Empire




Image result for pdf logo D.V. Andriyevskiy (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Updating the catalog of barbarian coin imitations from Antique Taurica


Image result for pdf logo D.V. Andriyevskiy (Saint Petersburg, Russia), M.M. Choref (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Antique coins found near of the Poshtove village (Crimea) as a historical source


Image result for pdf logo P.N. Petrov (Almaty, Kazakhstan), N.A. Atygayev (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Zh.M. Beltenov (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Qayaligh in the monuments of numismatics of the Chingizids


Image result for pdf logo P.N. Petrov (Almaty, Kazakhstan), A.K. Muktar (Almaty, Kazakhstan), N.H. Bikkinyev (Volzhsky, Russia), A.Zh. Zhumabayev (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Numismatic finds in the Medieval Town of Saraychuq according to the results of archaeological research. Pt. I




Image result for pdf logo M.M. Choref (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Revisiting the purpose of the embassy of Naaman and Mahes to Rome, or to the prosopography of the Pontic kingdom


Art history


Image result for pdf logo M.M. Mammaev (Makhachkala, Russia). The 15th century grave stele from the village of Ashty — a highly masterful work of Islamic art in Mountain Dagestan 




Image result for pdf logo A.G. Emanov (Tyumen, Russia). Book review: Shchavelev, A.S. 2020. Chronotope of the Rurikid Polity (911—987). Moscow: Akvilon


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