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2021. No. 13

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Image result for pdf logo M.N. Daragan (Kyiv, Ukraine), S.V. Polin (Kyiv, Ukraine), Yu.M. Svoyski (Moscow, Russia)Chronological sequence of megalithic burial complexes of the Eneolithic in the Velikaya Aleksandrovkaburial mound


Image result for pdf logo Valentin Dergaciov (Kishinev, Moldova). The Budjak “culture” through the prism of mapping analysis


Image result for pdf logo I.Zh. Tutaeva (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Metal tools of the Late Bronze Age from Sosnovka village 


Image result for pdf logo S.D. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), S.N. Razumov (Tiraspol, Moldova), S.S. Lysenko(Kyiv, Ukraine), V.S. Sinika(Tiraspol, Moldova), N.P. Telnov (Tiraspol, Moldova). Burials of the Late Bronze Age from the barrows of the “DOT”, “Garden”, Sluiceway” groups near the Glinoye village on the left bank of the Lower Dniester 


Image result for pdf logo S.A. Fidelski (Tiraspol, Moldova). The hoard from the Stroentsy fortified settlement on the left bank of the Middle Dniester 


Image result for pdf logo D.E. Chistov (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Urban plans of the archaic Greek apoikiai of the Northern Black Sea region: “imaginary” and real ones 


Image result for pdf logo S.V. Polin (Kyiv, Ukraine), M.N. Daragan (Kyiv, Ukraine). Scythian catacombs with two entrance pits. Pt. 1. Ritual catacombs


Image result for pdf logo V.S. Sinika (Tiraspol, Moldova), S.D. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine), S.N. Razumov (Tiraspol, Moldova), O.A. Zakordonets (Tiraspol, Moldova). Scythian graves of barrow 14 of the “Sluiceway” group in the Lower Dniester region 


Image result for pdf logo Mikhail Treister (Bonn, Germany). A Macedonian (Thracian?) bronze patera from the Burial-mound no. 1/1910 of the Chastye kurgany-group in the Middle Don Region


Image result for pdf logo Irina Ravich (Moscow, Russia), Mikhail Treister(Bonn, Germany). Chinese mirrors from the burials of the nomads of Eastern Europe of the second half of the 1st millennium BCE — first centuries CE: typology, chronology, distribution and technology of manufacture 


Image result for pdf logo P.I. Shulga (Novosibirsk, Russia), D.P. Shulga (Novosibirsk, Russia). New materials on sacrificial animalsin Yanglang Culture burials of the 5th — 3rd cc. BCE (China)


Image result for pdf logo Yu.A. Prokopenko (Stavropol, Russia). Horse frontlets and cheek-guards of the 4th — early 2nd centuries BCE from monuments of Stavropol Upland


Image result for pdf logo S.S. Lysenko (Kyiv, Ukraine). Hallstatt — La Tène and late Classical bracelets with projections  


Image result for pdf logo Yu.K. Guguev (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), S.A. Naumenko (Rostov-on-Don, Russia). The basement of the 2nd c. CE in city square area of Tanais (excavation unit XIX) 


Image result for pdf logo S.V. Yartsev (Tula, Russia), V.G. Zubarev (Tula, Russia), E.V. Shushunova (Tula, Russia). Features of the Cult of Ancestors in the Northern Black Sea region of the late Classical time (based on the materials of the settlement “Belinskoye”)


Image result for pdf logo M.V. Kvitnytskyi (Tiraspol, Moldova), N.P. Telnov (Tiraspol, Moldova), A. Türk (Piliscsaba, Hungary). Early Hungarian grave with decorative shoe soles near the Glinoe village 


Image result for pdf logo M.S. Gadjiev (Makhachkala, Russia), A.L. Budaychiev (Makhachkala, Russia), A.M. Abdulaev (Makhachkala, Russia), R.H. Mamaev (Grozny, Russia). Head of mace-sheshper from Derbent 


Image result for pdf logo I.B. Teslenko (Kyiv, Ukraine). Ceramic assemblages of the Funa Castle in the Southern Crimea: collection of vessels from cesspools 


Image result for pdf logo V.B. Pankowski (Kyiv, Ukraine). The Archaeosphere of Earth (An Archaeological Conception of Archaeosphere) 


Military History and Archaeology


Image result for pdf logo A.E. Negin (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). The Emperor’s armour-bearer: to the interpretation of the figure from relief of the Great Trajanic Frieze 


Religious studies


Image result for pdf logo I.Yu. Schaub (Saint Petersburg, Russia). Gorgon in the religion of Maeotes 


Image result for pdf logo N.I. Suvorova (Azov, Russia). To the question of expansion of the pontic syncretic cult of Mēn—Mithra—Attis in Bosporus




Image result for pdf logo S.A. Yatsenko (Moscow, Russia), A.E. Rogozhinskii (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Some notes on the tamga-signs of Sarmatians and their neighbours 


Image result for pdf logo R.Yu. Pochekaev (Moscow, Russia). Who could be and who could not be judged by Girays: on court and trial in the Khanate of Crimea 


Image result for pdf logo N.V. Belov (Saint Petersburg, Russia), A.B. Belova (Saint Petersburg, Russia). The Campaign of Devlet Giray I to the Russian lands and the defense of Bolkhov in October 1565 


Image result for pdf logo Viktor Filas (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine). Northern Black Sea region on cartouches of geographical maps of the 16th — early 18th cc.: features of European perception


Image result for pdf logo V.G. Ananiev (Saint Petersburg, Russia), M.D. Bukharin (Moscow, Russia). On the proposal of the candidature of F.I. Schmit to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR 


Historical Philology

Image result for pdf logo Paul David Buell (Dahlonega, USA), Kutluay Erk (Bornova/İzmir, Turkey). Some Notes on Proper Names and Official Titles in the Mongɣol-un niɣuca tobčiyan:inal/inanča/inaq




Image result for pdf logo B. Zlateva (Sofia, Bulgaria), M. Doychinova (Sofia, Bulgaria), I. Prokopov (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria). XRF analyses of electrum coins of 7th — 4th cc. BCE: coin hoard (hoards?) or several groups of coins


Image result for pdf logo D.V. Andriyevskiy (Saint Petersburg, Russia), M.M. Choref (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Imported Hellenistic coins found near Partizanskoe village (Southwest Crimea) as a historical source 


Image result for pdf logo M.M. Choref (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). Bronzes of Sauromates II with Aphrodite sitting on a throne on reverse as source of historical information


Image result for pdf logo P.N. Petrov (Almaty, Kazakhstan). The influence of tradition on monetary circulation on the example of the treasure of Chaghatayid dirhams (2014) of the 13th — 14th  centuries from the Prisyrdarya Bozok 




Image result for pdf logo Natia Phiphia (Tbilisi, Georgia), Ekaterine Kobakhidze (Tbilisi, Georgia). To the question of the identifying king Amazasp of Iberia, queen Dracontis and a royal official Anagranes mentioned in three Greek inscriptions found in Mtskheta


Image result for pdf logo D.P. Shulga (Novosibirsk, Russia). Nestorian Christianity in Tang China (according to the Epitaph of Mi Jifen)


Image result for pdf logo M.S. Gadjiev (Makhachkala, Russia), M.A. Gasanov (Makhachkala, Russia). Sarcophagous tombstone with Kufic inscription of the Derbent muslim necropolis of the 11th 12th cc. 


Image result for pdf logo Michael Nosonovsky (Milwaukee, USA). Hebrew gravestone inscriptions from Jewish cemeteries in the Raysn region(Belarus and Ukraine)


Art history


Image result for pdf logo M.M. Mammaev (Makhachkala, Russia)Stele of the 16th с. from Kumukh village — a highly artistic work of Islamic art




Image result for pdf logo Kutluay Erk (Bornova/İzmir, Turkey). Book review: Apatóczky, Á.B., Atwood, Ch.P. (eds.), Kempf, B. (g.-ed.). 2018. Philology of the Grasslands: Essays in Mongolic, Turkic, and Tungusic Studies. Leiden; Boston: Brill (The languages of Asia. Vol. 17) 


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