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2017. No. 9

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Image result for pdf logo M.V. Stupko (Sevastopol, Russia). Stone Drilled Tools from the Collection of the Yalta Historical-Literary Museum


Image result for pdf logo S.D. Lysenko (Kiev, Ukraine). Tshinecs cultural circle as a link between the Baltic and Black Sea Regions in the Late Bronze Age (2nd millennium BCE)


Image result for pdf logo A.M. Novichikhin (Anapa, Russia). The Greek colonization of Syndika 


Image result for pdf logo S.V. Ushakov (Simferopol, Russia). “Barracks” in the Port area of the city: the main results of the study (a view from Chersoneses)


Image result for pdf logo Michel Kazanski (Paris, France). “Princely” finds and centers of power of the Hunnic time on the periphery of the Pontic steppe


Image result for pdf logo A.Ju. Manaev (Simferopol, Russia), S.A. Novikov (Simferopol, Russia), N.P. Turova (Simferopol, Russia), M.M. Choref (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia). Byzantine weight found on the territory of Gurzuf


Image result for pdf logo I.А. Zavadskaya (Simferopol, Russia). On trade relations of the City on the Plateau of Eski-Kermen with Cherson (data from building ceramics)


Image result for pdf logo N.P. Turova (Simferopol, Russia). New Speleoarcheological Site on the Southern Coast of the Crimea (based on excavations in 2015 in the cave named after I. Belyansky)


Military History and Archaeology

Image result for pdf logo O.V. Vus (Lvov, Ukraine). The Defensive structures of Early Byzantine Cherson: reconstruction and development of city fortification from the fourth to the sixth centuries


Image result for pdf logo G.V. Baranov (Moscow, Russia). Byzantine (Mediterranian) 9th 11th century swords with sleeve cross-guards


Image result for pdf logo Apolon Tabuashvil (Tbilisi, Georgia). The Import of Gun Barrels and Their Price in Georgia in 17th— 18th cc.


Christian Archaeology 

Image result for pdf logo S.B. Sorochan (Kharkov, Ukraine). About the “Parthenon Сave” in Chersonesos


Image result for pdf logo L.G. Khrushkova (Moscow, Russia). Byzantine marble of Tauric Chersonesos: beginning of the study


Image result for pdf logo Nino Silagadze (Tbilisi, Georgia). Towards Some Monuments of Tauric Chersonesus and Medieval Georgian Architecture



Image result for pdf logo E.V. Vdovchenkov (Rostov-on-Don, Russia). Lower Don Contact Zone of interaction of Nomads and the Settled Population in the first centuries CE


Image result for pdf logo H.Zh. Arutyunyan (Yerevan, Armenia). Ancient China according to the data of “the Ancient Armenian Geography” or “Ashkharatsuyts”


Image result for pdf logo N.N. Bolgov (Belgorod, Russia). The Byzantines on Bosporus at 6th century CE


Image result for pdf logo S.P. Maiarchak (Khmelnytskyi, Украина). Trade in the Dniester River Left Bank Middle Region in 9th — 13th centuries


Image result for pdf logo Ya.G. Solodkin (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia). The Piskarevsky chronicle as a source on the history of Russian-Crimean Relations in the 1570s — 1590s


Image result for pdf logo D.A. Prokhorov (Simferopol, Russia). Karaite Collection from the Funds of the Central Museum of Taurida 



Image result for pdf logo M.M. Choref (Nizhnevartovsk, Russia). Countermarks on Bosporus coins of Polemon I as a source of historical information



Image result for pdf logo V.P. Yailenko (Moscow, Russia). On the Publication of Inscriptions from Fortress Artezian in East Crimea 


Image result for pdf logo М.V. Ivashchenko (Saratov, Russia), V.S. Sinika (Tiraspol, Moldova). Amphora stamps from the Nadlimanskoe fortified settlement


Ad Gloriam 

Image result for pdf logo S.A. Yatsenko (Moscow, Russia). On the 60th Anniversary of the well-known Russian Historian S. S. Kazarov 



Image result for pdf logo A.A. Romensky (Kharkov, Ukraine). Primary Rus’ without the Primary Chronicle: New Round of Debate about the Early History of Eastern Europe (Book Review: Tolochko A. P. 2015. Ocherki nachalnoj rusi. Kiev; Saint Petersburg: “Laurus” Publ. Reviews


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